Sharing the view

I have been trying to take more photos and then to share them more.  This picture is taken on the way up a frequently used staircase at work. I am always struck by how beautiful this building is.  It replaced a landmark building in Vancouver that was torn down under much controversy. But, I think what they built is wonderful. I love the shape, the colour, the screens and the amazing trees way up in the sky. Part of the building is social housing, too. It’s nice to know we can build something other than expensive glass boxes in Vancouver.

And …. (drum roll please) … I am beyond excited to share that three of my photos I took as part of Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course have been published in an on-line magazine!!  Head over to Thumbnail Magazine to check them out and read some great short fiction.  My thanks to Michael, the editor, for being supportive of my photos!

BTW, registration opens today for Susannah’s next Unravelling session.  Just saying.

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