Blowing my own horn

This past weekend, I made cornucopias with some friends as part of a fall equinox celebration. We wrote all the things we are thankful for on the objects that went into our horn of plenty.

I wrote the usual stuff – family, friends, a good job, roof over my head, good health – and then I wrote “me”.

I’m not sure if that’s egotistical or narcissistic but I realized that I am thankful for me.

For the me that keeps trying. The me that is open to change. The me that is learning to listen to my heart and trust the whispers there. The me that has the courage to face the fear.

The me that can show up in my life and hopefully for the loved ones in my life. The me that is learning to butt out. The me that has learned to ask for and accept help. The me that knows that I don’t know. The me that doesn’t expect me to be perfect.

I’ve never put me on my gratitude list before.

Maybe I’ve never really been thankful to be me before now.


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