A weekend full of wonderful mistakes

My intermediate glass bead making class on the weekend was awesome. Fourteen hours of making glass beads and I could have kept going!

In fact, on my drive to work this morning I went right past my turnoff and was halfway to the glass studio before my brain kicked in and forced me to turn around. In the interest of paying the mortgage, my grumpy soul obeyed.

In the words of one of the other glass artists, you have to “suck with abandon” doing art. Well, some of my beads really sucked. Some cracked, some were butt ugly and one of my heart beads looks suspiciously like a tooth. I’m not going to tell you what my sister said it looked like!

But, I learned so much. And, some of the beads turned out great. Even some of the mistakes.

I even made a necklace and earrings. By the way, I suck at wire jewellery making, too, judging by the amount of cursing I was doing and the scattershot of tiny pieces of wire on my dining room floor.

Here’s a sampling of the weekend’s efforts. I can’t wait to get back in the studio and screw up some more!


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