Grabbing the blogaphone

On December 27th I received an amazing gift from my friend at Witchy Rambles. She nominated me as her “Blog of the Year 2012”.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

And here’s what she said –

“This blog is written by a friend and so I could be biased. However, I have been amazed at some of the posts she has written, some of the hard things she has shared and I love the fact that she actually started blogging. I know how hard it can be to open up to the world sometimes and so I admire her courage at starting a new project and sticking with it.

I’ve enjoyed watching her find her blog voice and I love seeing into her world. I admire all the new classes and new things she has picked up this year and think it is great that she is trying out new things. So with much love I say she is my “Blog of the year 2012″

So, yeah, that made me cry.  Her blog has been an inspiration to me because I always thought blogging was something people did to make money. But her blog is so clearly for herself and to share herself. And she does it with both a fierce courage and a deep well of compassion. I like that kind of blogging. And, I like her a lot.

It’s been an amazing journey so far trying to figure out what my “blog voice” is. Tomorrow I start on Susannah Conway’s Blogging from the Heart course. So, my “blog voice” might be about to get a megaphone.

I’ll try not to squawk too much into it.  Feedback welcome.


4 thoughts on “Grabbing the blogaphone

  1. I totally think you deserve blog of the year! I’m also really excited you’re taking the Blogging From the Heart course – it’s something I’d like to do sometime, so I look forward to hearing lots about it.

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