On becoming officially weird

I’ve always felt that since I live alone, I need to be extra vigilant about becoming too weird.

Don’t acquire too many cats. Check.

Don’t talk to yourself out loud. Check.

Don’t get too attached to a body pillow. Check.

But yesterday I was forced to acknowledge that I may have officially become weird.

It didn’t seem like that at first. We had a light dusting of snow where I work and as I crossed the parking lot I noticed that my Fluevog shoes were creating really funky footprints in the snow.

So, I stopped to take some pictures. (mental note: this may have been the point where I veered off into weirdsville)

Anyway, I was making snowy fluevog footprints in the parking lot and bending over to check out good angles for a shot when the CFO of my workplace came over to make sure I was okay.

I got halfway into an explanation of what I was doing – making snowy fluevog prints for a photo – when it occurred to me that my explanation may not be making me sound less strange but just plain batshit crazy.

I may have just officially become weird.

Check out the cool shot I got, though!


And, here are my favourite pair of Fluevogs (so far) …


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