Creating space for a newbie

I love my adventures in glass making but I don’t always love the glass studio.

I took my first glass sculpting class less than a year ago and I joined the glass studio co-op 6 months ago. And, while I love glass beading and glass sculpting, it’s been hard to get to know people at the studio. My fellow artists, I suppose I could call them. (although the word artist still feels strange on my lips and squirmy on my skin)

Its true that creating the glass art can be a solitary act. And, I imagine that no one wants to interrupt someone who is in the middle of a delicate creation. But, aside from my teacher and the one friend who told me about the place, I haven’t really had the chance to talk to others at the studio and to learn and share. Which to me feels a bit lonely.

I do try and be friendly but I am still feeling the jitters of anxiety. Mostly, I am trying to learn the glass art studio etiquette and focus on not blowing the place up.

Last week the studio started Newbie Tuesdays and I couldn’t be happier. Five of us newbies around the torches. Sharing what we love. What we find frustrating. What we can’t figure out. What tricks we’ve learned. And, what we hope to someday create. Supporting each other.

In my giddiness, I went a little crazy with the hollow beads. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. But I love their size and I love how the air expands as it heats, creating a space where the glass floats in the air. To me, they are like tiny planets. A piece of the cosmos, infinite in variety and each unique. Solitary in their sphere but reflecting the light of their existence into pure beauty.

I can’t wait til next Tuesday!!!










6 thoughts on “Creating space for a newbie

    • Thanks, Sparrow! I’m surprised how hard it’s been for me to make friends. Not usually a problem for me! But, I think it’s all part of being in this new area of personal exploration. I feel a bit like Bambi on wobbly legs. I never knew I have a shy side!!

  1. Oh my goodness I love these! So beautiful! You’ve done some great stuff over the past year πŸ™‚ And I’m glad you have your newbie group. ❀

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