Fun on the Beach

One of the things that I love about trips to Tofino with my family is all the fun we have on the  beach. Here’s just a taste from this year …

There was playing in the waves with the body boards and stand up paddle boards.  My nephew made a great video of all the action.


We rented bikes and I haphazardly took photos while biking and trying not to fall off. My sister and I biked along one morning while my brother-in-law ran. Sure, it looked like we were chasing him down but, whatever! <grin>

 The kids spent time flying their kites and my nephew strapped his GoPro to the kite for a unique, if slightly nauseating view. Note that we stayed away from the Charlie Brown kite tree, that is not one of our kites stuck up there!

There were incredible sunsets …

 And amazing opportunities to capture the moon.

 We took pictures at night, writing our names and making shapes with sparklers. It is remarkably hard to write your name backwards!!!

 My sister read (or saw) somewhere about steel wool photography. So, with my ever-creative sister and my ever-enthusiastic niece, we gave it a try. We tied a string to a whisk and then filled the inside with steel wool. We lit the steel wool on fire and gave it a whirl! So much fun!!

 And, as always on the beach, there was time to wander and explore and just see what catches the eye.

 It goes to show you that the only limits are imagination. I think next year we might have to stay longer!

PS – check out my sister’s awesome photos, too!


family tofino2015

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