Friday Roundup – Oprah, Being Alone and the Blues

It’s Friday! Here are some of the things that resonated with me this week.

On being Alone

After last weekend’s Valentine’s Day, this poem by Tanya Davis came across my FB feed. I’ve seen it before, but was struck by seeing it again how many of these “alone” things I do now and thoroughly enjoy. While I have yet to go dancing by myself (well, it public, anyway), I enjoy lots of alone activities – working on my art, going to movies by myself, eating out, going for walks, park benches.   A great poem with a great message.

Blog’s End

I had been following a blog called ‘One Thousand Single Days” by a woman who had committed to being single for a thousand days. Awhile ago she stopped posting.  This week she wrote about the reason why and then reflected on the experience in her last blog post. She writes,

The many hours both alone and in deep and beautiful conversation with friends, family and strangers has taught me that whether we take 1000 days off to try and nut it out, or we simply steal moments from the week where we are just going about daily, regular life we are all aiming to hit the same bullseye, trying to answer the same question: Who am I? Why did I let that person say that to me? What do I stand for and why didn’t I stand for it back when I had the chance? Am I likeable? Am I good? Is the past in the past? Or does it still gnaw at my achilles tendon? Am I an asshole? Was my dad an asshole? Do I really know my mother, am I learning whatever lesson I was supposed to be learning this whole time?……

In other words: What the hell man?

A good question to ask as we navigate the waters of our lives and our emotions and our relationships. What the hell, man …

Giving Up on Oprah

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Oprah is promoting Weight Watchers now.  As someone who has tried Weight Watchers several times (and any other number of “diets” and “food plans”), I felt my heart sink. For Oprah, whose message has always sort of been “you are enough”, to join the money making diet industry of “you aren’t good enough” was disheartening.

And, I also was thinking what this article by Caissie St. Onge so eloquently and humorously pointed out. If Oprah, with all her money and connections and time and resources, can’t be thin enough, then maybe it’s just time for me to quit the game entirely.


Blues Lovin’

Lastly, one of my favourite songs by the incredible Matt Andersen. I saw him live last night. An amazing show by an amazing artist. If you get a chance to see him in concert, run do not walk! Have a great weekend!!

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