Thailand – Thai food adventures and Chanthaburi sunset

First day in Thailand! We travelled from Bangkok to Chanthaburi today and it felt like we basically went from one new amazing food experience to the next! Thai people love to eat!

Stop One was a large road side stop with loads of coffee shops, food stalls, fast food places and several Seven Elevens. You cannot throw a stick in this country without hitting at least one 7-11.

There were strange new chip flavours ( spicy lobster chips?), yummy coconut treats made fresh and scalding hot and fresh fruit of all sorts. 

We also had a wonderful hot pot lunch where you cook for veggies and meat in boiling water, then you add noodles to the broth to make egg drop soup. Dessert was balls of sesame in a ginger broth. So delicious!


For dinner, we went to a restaurant by the ocean and were treated to a beautiful sunset. The weather was perfect, warm with a bit of ocean breeze. and, I made friends with the local stray cat and gave her a treat of some yummy fish. good food makes for good friends, indeed!

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