Spirit House

I just bought a new piece of artwork by my good friend Louise Bunn.  This is the second piece I am lucky enough to have in my home. It’s a spirit house and I’ve put it on the rooftop patio. It’s reminder that places have a spirit.

I have always believed that places have a spirit; an energy that develops from all the living things and events that take place there. It’s important to me that my home has an energy that is safe, strong, loving, peaceful and honest. I have a Jill Bolte Taylor quote by my front door that says, “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”

I feel blessed that my home has good energy. That love and laughter linger in the air. That the strong walls have been a container for honest and sometime difficult conversations that have led to growth and understanding. That I am lucky enough to host gatherings of amazing people who feed each other with good food and good conversation. It has witnessed one wedding, many healing rituals, lots of parties and a few baby showers. I have skyped and facetimed people from far off places into the space to join in the conversations and connections and I have spent many quiet hours reading or writing or creating bathed in the energy.

Lately, I have been thinking of moving. And, while I know my spirit house is also inside me, I’m not sure I am ready to walk away from this space.

In the meantime, my spirit house on the rooftop will remind me to cherish and nourish my space (and me), to protect the boundaries while leaving the door open for the amazing magic to come in.


5 thoughts on “Spirit House

  1. Ooh lovely piece by Louise! Moving, that is an interesting idea. I always thought if I had the money it would be cool to live somewhere totally different for a year just to see what it was like.

    • Um, wait. Didn’t you just move? I know, I would love to live in Paris or Edinburgh or maybe New Zealand for a year. But, I was longing to live somewhere around False Creek in Vancouver. But, I’d have to move into a place half the size of what I’ve got and I’m just not willing to do that.

  2. I loved this post so much. You write beautifully. I could type many words but I just love the awareness you’ve given me now of the energy an inside place has. I’ve always been aware of it but had forgotten, an right now in my life could do with remembering so thankyou. I really connect with the energy that nature brings, and the spaces in nature. The difference between time in the woods or forest and time spent near the ocean or river, and how certain places can open up or bring energy back into your own spirit house inside yourself (I love that expression by the way).
    And love that artwork too. Thanks for writing. Sunshine ☀ x

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