Key West

What can I say about Key West?  It was, uh, interesting.

On the surface, kind of like a giant frat party. Muscley guys, bikini-clad girls, lots of drinking, shirt with dumb sayings, people driving up and down the main strip with their bass booming away, pretty much my idea of what to avoid.

But, look a little deeper (or to the side) and there were pretty houses, lots of art stores, lovely restaurants and fun stuff to do out on the water. And, a wider diversity of people, lots of snowbirds (aka older people avoiding winter elsewhere in North America), families with young kids and us!

I love warm weather architecture. Lots of deep porches, pretty house trimmings and white and pastel colours.






Two boat trips were called for. One to see dolphins and to go snorkelling. Our guides thought the water was a bit cold. As a Canadian, I thought is was a lovely temperature!!

And, my favourite part of the trip, a perfect evening on a sail boat. We watched the sunset as our hosts took us through eight wine tastings with paired snacks.






A few more shots to end the tour of Key West.  Next post … Hemingway House.



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