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Saturna Island … one more year

Located about halfway between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Saturna Island is a small slice of paradise. Over half of Saturna Island is designated as park land – part of the Gulf Islands National Park.  Every June, I am lucky enough to spend a weekend there with some amazing women, exploring the beaches and watching the waves roll in …

One of my favourite places on Saturn is East Point, which is considered one of the best places on the British Columbia coastline for onshore whale watching. It is also the site where Moby Doll, the first orca ever live-captured for aquarium display, was harpooned in 1964. A sad story but the knowledge gained from the Vancouver Aquarium’s experience with Moby Doll was a turning point in our understanding of these beautiful creatures, about which little was known and whom people feared and considered a nuisance.

The white building you see in the photo is a small museum run by the Saturna Island Heritage Committee in the former fog alarm building at East Point where visitors can learn about Moby Doll, and the history of Saturna Island.

There is something very special about the Gulf Islands.  It’s a long slow ferry ride to Saturna, and as you slip away from the dock you seem to slip away from the world and exist in that perfect space between ocean, sky, trees and rocks.  This year, in order to squeeze as much time as I could away from the city, I took the ferry over and then hopped on a sea plane for the very fast 15-minute flight back to the mainland and back to the every day.

Until next year …



The expression “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes” was made for Iceland. Wind, rain, sleet, snow and sun; the weather teaching us to hang on and keep pushing through the storms, stop and enjoy the moment the sun emerges, have a Plan A but also have a Plan B,C,D and E and, most important, just relax cause it’ll all work out.



Fire and ice; cold rain and hot steam; flowing lava and frozen ice; uplifting earth and eroding water and wind and wave; beauty and terror – you are right smack in the midst of the forces of creation and destruction which are intertwined in Iceland everywhere you look.


Iceland was amazing and reminded me to be adventurous and to connect to nature in all her wild beauty.  May I carry a small piece of that creative/destructive power in my heart and be reminded of what it is be fully alive always …