I’ve outed myself


My last post was the first one that I’ve linked to on my Facebook status. And, I find that I’ve had an interesting reaction to this.

LIke I’ve outed myself on the interweb. Outed myself as … well … me.

I thought I might have that “ohmygoshwhathaveidone” reaction. What Brene Brown so wonderfully calls a vulnerability hangover. But that wasn’t it.

I just felt really free. Like I had opened a door and stepped out into a wider world of myself. And left behind a sometimes comforting but stifling restriction.

Thing is, nobody else really seemed to notice. I had lots more readers and two lovely comments from friends but that was it.

The incredible momentumness of the step seemed to pass pretty unnoticed.

Maybe that’s because to my friends, regular and Facebook, it was no big deal. They just know me and accept me. I was all “look at me, I’m free!” and they are all “yeah, dude, we know”.

And, for someone who has a wee tendency to overthink things until EVERYTHING BECOMES A BIG FRIGGIN DEAL, I kind of like that.